To ensure best quality of performed diving operations, company PSS Professional Subsea Service Ltd. have all IMCA certified equipment:

Diving equipment:

  • Decompression Chamber DRAEGER
  • High pressure chamber compressors BAUER, COLTRI-SUB
  • KMB helmets and masks
  • Underwater welding equipment (welding generators, electrodes etc.)
  • Hydraulic Twin Brush Hull Cleaning Machine
  • Launch and Recovery System (L.A.R.S.)
  • Machinery Control ISO container
  • IMCA Standard LF/DNV Certified Machinery Container

  • Diesel Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) DP56 MK3
  • Stanley Impact Wrench IW24 UW
  • Stanley Grinder 9” GR29 UW
  • Hydraulic Peanut Grinder PG03 UW
  • Stanley Drill DL07 Chuck D/Spool UW
  • Portable Diving Post
  • IMCA Certified Deck Decompressions Chamber (DDC) Container

Diagnostic equipment:

  • Cygnus MK2 UW Thickness Gauge
  • Buckleys BathyCorrometer
  • Alternate Current Field Measurement Equipment (ACFM)

Underwater video and photo equipment:

  • Video/photo cameras GoPro (with UW boxes)
  • ROV SAAB Seaeye Falcon