• Pipelines maintenance and repair Pipelines maintenance and repair
  • Pipelines and supports inspection Pipelines and supports inspection

PSS ltd. performs subsea inspections, maintenances, repairs of pipelines and cables. All operations are executed by divers and ROVs. Following list of works is provided by PSS personel:

Pipelines underwater inspection activities:

  • GVI (General Visual Inspection);
  • Close visual inspection of all pipeline stabilization facilities;
  • Check for type of coating, locate any coating damage. 
  • Сathodic protection testing;
  • NDT (non-destructive testing):

–  UT (ultrasonic testing);

–  ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement);

  • Bathymetry;
  • Full detailed report in accordance with customer requirements.

Pipelines repair and maintenance activities:

  • Pipeline coating repair;
  • Installation of balance weights;
  • Anodes installation;
  • Installation of repair clamps;
  • Installation of supports;
  • Deinstallation of old pipelines using subsea oxygen cutting;
  • Flanges installation;
  • Marine growth cleaning;
  • Debris removal;
  • Subsea wet welding (2F-6G weld positions);
  • Scour protection.