PSS Ltd. offers services of inspection-class and light work-class ROVs. Our workscopes experience includes:

  • Inspection of underwater pipelines. General and detailed visual inspection.
  • Cathodic potential measurement.
  • Support of divers. Video documentation.
  • Survey of the underwater part of the platforms, offshore structures and vessels afloat.
  • 3D scanning using sonar. Dimension 3D models up to 10 cm accuracy. Together with topside drone activity we offer the entire platform 3D model.

Our ROV is equiped with the following tools:

  • Buckleys UCP1A contact CP probe;
  • Innovatum Smartrak 9-F  Cable and Pipeline Survey Tool that allows us to detect (up to 8 meters range), and track (up to 6 meters range) pipelines, cables and other magnetic items:
  • Sonardyne Mini-Ranger 2 underwater positioning system, sixth-generation (6G) Ultra-Short BaseLine (USBL), that allows us to track our ROV up to 995 meters with 0,2% accuracy.

Our ROV operators have more than 1500 working hours expierience. During last years they inspected more than 120 kilometers of pipelines.