• NDT testing NDT testing
  • Repair/maintenance works Repair/maintenance works



PSS ltd. offers full inspection, repair and maintenance packages for both subsea and topside parts of the platforms. Following list of works is provided by PSS personnel:

Offshore platforms inspection activities:

  • GVI (General visual inspection);
  • Сathodic protection survey;
  • NDT inspection (non-destructive testing):
  • UT (ultrasonic testing);
  • ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement);
  • Inspection of debris around the platform;
  • Cleaning from marine growth;
  • Full detailed 3D report in accordance with customer requirements. 3D platform model. Software development for oil field facilities management.

Offshore platforms maintanance and repair activities:

  • Splash zone insulation installation;
  • Anodes installation;
  • Installation and deinstallation of platform elements;
  • Installation of repair clamps;
  • Rise of drowned objects;
  • Subsea wet welding and oxygen cutting.