Robotic Scuba Diver Created By Stanford To Explore Shipwrecks And Coral Reefs

Meet OceanOne, the humanoid scuba diver that’s launched underwater robotics to new heights — or rather, new depths. The 5-foot-long robot is an artificially intelligent avatar for underwater archaeologists, allowing them to explore thousands of feet below the surface without ever getting wet. Created by Stanford University science professor ­Oussama ­Khatib, the “robo mermaid” is equipped with two fully ­articulated arms and ­stereoscopic vision that ­allows the pilot to see ­everything it sees. But it’s OceanOne’s hands that make it truly revolutionary.

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“The most amazing thing about it is that you can feel what the robot is doing while you’re up on the boat,” Khatib says. “It’s ­almost like you are there. With the sense of touch, you are creating a new ­dimension of perception.”

OceanOne’s hands are fitted with force sensors that provide a sense of touch by sending haptic ­feedback to the operator’s ­joysticks in the form of forces, ­vibrations and motions.