Result of business trip to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Dear Colleagues,
It’s in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia now!
For years PSS tried to enter the market of KSA and PSS representatives have just returned back from Saudi Arabia business trip.
Before the trip we knew that oil and gas business here has the highest standard level and this market provides many opportunities for such companies like us.
If you intent to work in Saudi Arabia, you should cooperate with local agent. And now we have the one!
At the first day PSS had a meeting with our local agent company AHCEC (Ala Abdulhadi & Khalifah Alhawas Engineering Consulting Company). We confirm the AHCEC are great professionals. The meeting was very productive and we received many information regarding the activity in KSA, including business opportunities and aspects in Saudi Arabia,
preferable introduction strategy to local operators etc.

KJO (Al-Khafji Joint operations) is the first operator we met in KSA. It’s located close to border between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. KJO welcomed us respectfully with warm regards. Main goal of the meeting to introduce our company and share information about our services we provide (Commercial Diving and ROV Operatios). The presentation took about two hours as technical discussions during the speech was very rich in content. We shared the list of our services, our previously completed projects, equipment we use, personnel we have, etc. KJO activities and list of challenges received. Main objects to work with – Offshore platforms, pipelines and SPM.
Saudi Aramco – is the biggest company in Saudi Arabia. PSS had a meeting with Saudi Aramco in Dammam. The same like in KJO, we shared the list of our services, our successful experience, etc… 

Major technical discussion during the presentation and as result we have the next steps to follow to build strong cooperation with major operator.
Main activity area we provided: Diving operations, NDT, ROV activity, Underwater repair, wet welding technology.

The impressions of whole business trip are very nice. Our representatives returned back with signed agency agreement with AHCEC, minutes of meeting (MOM) and Scope of Work (SOW) from KJO and Saudi Aramco. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides great opportunities and we believe we return back there in soonest as a contractor for KJO & Saudi Aramco!